A High-End Record Player that’s Battery Powered, Portable, and Made in USA

What if a record player existed that looked and felt like a vintage portable, but sounded huge and warm like a console stereo? What if instead of running on household electricity, it ran on batteries? It can. It does. Made in the USA, designed to last, in stock, and ready to ship.

A Stereo Record Player Equally Suited as a Portable and as a Living-Room Console

What makes a record player look and feel vintage? As someone who lived in that era, I can answer that question. The cabinet was usually bright, colorful, and psychedelic. The platter was usually made of metal and often had a velvet-like skin that’s called “flocking.” Although the sound quality was generally not high end, it didn’t sound shrill like modern digital portable devices. I still remember getting my first ‘serious’ stereo in 1977. It had better sound quality and was housed in a walnut-colored woodgrain cabinet. I remember it clearly because that was when it stopped being fun.

What gives a console record player its high-end sound? The priorities of the designer. Manufacturing concerns like cost and production speed take a distant back seat to the art of audio design and to good old listening tests, preferably blind listening tests.

Own a battery powered record player that combines color with craftsmanship; flair with fidelity. Its vintage qualities run deep, starting with a genuine Alliance Genie mechanism. This classic piece of American mechanical engineering is the product of American inventor Emmor V. Schneider. Read more product details here.

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